Day – 354 – How Mayor Robertson Masterfully Manages the Media.

by Mike Andruff

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson says a flood of mainland Chinese immigrants, tourists and investors is creating new economic development opportunities in the Canadian port city, not driving up property prices, as some city residents have complained.” Teddy Ng, South China Morning Post, November 12, 2013

Vancouver Civic System 2013

CityHallWatch illustrated the Vancouver civic system 2013 previously this year. Today as we examine the system depicted below the dotted orange line, we find a certain amount of validation in the CHW flowchart.

If you talk to a thirty-something who grew up on the westside, he/she will explain that they can not afford their old neighbourhood. e.g. to carry a $2,000,000 mortgage, a typical income qualification would be approximately $400,000/year.

So while the thin slicing by Mayor Robertson may be partly correct, the all-world prices of the westside are undeniable. This is pure Orwellian spin as described above. And the media do love the good Mayor: “… Robertson is laid-back, generally scandal-free and extremely picturesque. Regarded as the most handsome politician in Canada, Robertson is testament to the rewards of clean living, having made a politically correct fortune with his Happy Planet organic juice brand.” Ian Young, South China Morning Posts Blogs, November 18, 2013.

As Mr. Young further states, “In short: He is no Rob Ford.” Robertson is a teflon politician. Will he survive public scrutiny given Vancouver offers no affordability in housing, nor elimination of homelessness, two, of many, promises offered the electorate previously? The friendly media will no doubt play a significant role in his quest for a third term. But, will disillusioned voters stand up for change? –TBA. November 15, 2014, please VOTE!

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